Biomedical Health System


Research and Development Company dedicated to the implementation of the principles and techniques of engineering to the field of medical products. 


It composed of health professionals with extensive experience in health services.


We investigate new technologies, wearables, adapted to control the health and comfort of individuals. We are continually evolving our products, contact with researchers and new developments of vital sensors. Our goal is a proactive health system of health coverage to many people, at little cost and transmitting the user a high degree of security about their health.


This concept drives our efforts on finding a drug based on the advanced technology of our time, avoiding the constant concern to know our health and doing preventive work possible pathological changes.


We investigate new systems suitable to the twenty-first century health. We implemented diagnostic systems and monitoring their personal characteristics adapting to patients.

It is a company dedicated to the research and development of new technologies related to the field of health.


BHS integrates technological advances of latest generation equipment daily and daily use to process personal information received and conclude results and to help monitor the health of individuals.


Our company tries to provide security and support for:

    healthy people concerned about their health.
    Patients concerned about their illnesses.
    seniors worried about their evolution.

The service is based on a health system with a smart bracelet, watch with separate mobile phone, GPS, biomedical sensors and patient information, to detect multiple vital signs and medical parameters, with which through a mobile application APP and / or WEB, we can transfer information from an individual, whether personal data of chronic disease and regular treatment, such as variable data sensed by our device, for processing by an expert system designed by professionals, and develop diagnostic findings and planned health scares.


This information can be directed to the individual, family or medical institution for concerted I acted and / or assisting in health to enjoy this person multidisciplinary healthcare system.


The new concept of lifelong vital control is created.


Not only changes of vital signs are detected, but can, in remote, these data make determinations.


This gives us two very important actions:

The possibility of detecting pathological events automatically and "on time", sending this information to set to receive this alert and be able to act without delay receiver.

Read induced shape data from a control center in anticipation of risk situations and / or otherwise agreed with the user "Salud Conecta" system.


In addition, our product includes a separate mobile phone capable of performing an emergency call in case of need, we can speak and listen through the terminal, transmitting the GPS position to be located immediately sim card.

System monitoring and control, security systems complementary to large companies,


GPS position and sensors monitoring activity and life.


Our product can be adjusted to a new form of control and security that provides users of premium companies.


1. Voice communication to the call center, through the SmartWatch. It has SOS button.

2. When pressing the panic button a voice call is made to the preset number and the planned plant emergency. Besides relief sends an SMS to WEB portal Biomedical, where the security team can control what happens.

3. Upgrade of the GPS position in our WEB / APP.

4. Biomedical data tell us your health. Pulse, body temperature, steps, etc.

5. Alarm security perimeter. If the user exceeds the allowed perimeter, an alarm on our website.

6. Control of movements by steps shown in timing diagram.

Designed for:


•    Health insurance companies.
•    Telecare companies.
•    Hospital.
•    Nursing homes.
•    Children camps.
•    Health conscious individuals.
•    Control anti loss children.

Biomedical Health System

Sistema Automático de Alarmas






Empresa apoyada por el programa Ekintzaile / Txekintek / Barnetekin en la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa por su proyecto de investigación y desarrollo.

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